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The Best Days of the Year

The best days of the year are the first ten days of Dhul-Hijja (the 12th month of tbe Islamic calendar). Accrdibg to hadiths, there are no other days in which good deeds are more loved by God.
Good deeds are many, and include helping others, as well as remembrance of God.
A hadith singles out 3 expressions of praise for God:
1- declaring the oneness of God, and that only God is to be worshipped (tahlil)
2- declaring God’s greatness (takbir)
3- praising God (tahmid )
Avoiding sins in the other side of the coin of ‘doing good deeds.’
Sahl (d. 896, the mystic of Shushtar) said: The righteous as well as the wicked do [good] deeds, but only a steadfastly sincere person avoids sins.